Best Grip Case For Galaxy S8

Why I use the Speck Products Presidio Grip Cell Phone Case

Best Grip Case For Galaxy S8
I had a chance to use several different cases for my new Samsung Galaxy S8 and they all had their pros and cons but one incident made me return some of my cases and get me the one case that I knew that will provide me with a good grip.

There are a lot of different cases out there. Some of them are great, some of them are just OK, and everything really
depends on what you are looking for in a protective case for your device. One of the most important things for me is the grip. I had several incidents in the past that a phone slipped out of my hand and I don't want it to happen again.

Several days ago I was on a boat that belongs to a friend of mine and we went for a quick sail across the bay area. The water wasn't calm and the boat was shifting from side to side. Not too harshly but still shifting.

My Galaxy S8 was placed on the table in the cabin and it was "wearing" a case of a wall known and respected brand. I did like this case in general and I think that it does provide a good protection but I just had to return it when I saw that the phone is sliding across the table when the waves shake the boat.

As I said before, everyone have their own preferences but I really need my case to provide the best possible grip.

Instead of the case I had, I ordered the Speck Products Presidio Grip Cell Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 and I couldn't be more pleased with it. I think that this protective cover is perfect for me and currently, this is my favorite case for my Galaxy S8.

The grip is just amazing and the protection level is at a very high standard. The great part is that it looks really nice and it is also not too bulky, at least not for my taste.

Best LG G6 Cases

LG G6 is finally out and there are several new and exciting cases that we would like to show you guys. For several years I have been a fan of the LG flagship devices and I am always very excited when new devices are released. There are some good news with the new LG G6. First of all the screen is flat! Yes, this is a great thing because we are going to have some nice screen protectors which are going to fit.

The specs of this smartphone are great and I'm definitely going to get it as soon as possible and post a review for you guys.

Here are my currently favorite cases:

1. Spigen Rugged Armor LG G6 Case
2Ringke Air Ultimate Ergonomic Resilient Weightless
3Cruzerlite LG G6 Case

I always like Spigen cases. They make great looking protective cases and covers which are not that expansive but provide and great user experience and a wonderful protection. 

This is the Rugged armor cases which is going to keep your phone safe. It is not bulky like other rugged cases but it will be just enough to keep the device safe.

I used this case on some of my previous devices and for the most part I was very pleased with the quality and the safety feeling that I got. 

A great bonus that this case provides and one of the reasons that it feels so good holding it in your hand is the great grip feeling that it provides. It is not slippery and all and you will no doubt that feel this fact right away.

Galaxy S8 Cases

Here is our top list of the best cases for the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus. Over the years we had a great opportunity to try out many different protective cases on different smartphones and we can easily tell which cases are going to do a great job protecting your brand new device and which cases are just overpriced and not worth your time or money. 

Galaxy S8 Plus Ringke Fusion Case

1. Ringke Fusion Case - Crystal Clear PC Back TPU Bumper
2. Tauri [Scratch Resistant] Slim Thin Clear Flexible
3. LK Luxury PU Leather Wallet Flip Protective Case
4. Ringke Onyx Resilient Strengt Flexible Durability,

On this blog post we are going to review some of the best cases for Samsung galaxy s8 and galaxy s8 edge, that are made by the leading brands and built in one purpose only - to provide excellent protection for your smartphone.

LG G6 Spigen Cases

LG G6 Spigen Case
When it comes to good cases I'm always a big fan of the Spigen case series. Over the years I had the pleasure to use differet spigen cases on multiple different devices and I was mostly happy. The new LG G6 is coming soon and I'm very excited to try all its new features. One thing that I will not be missing on is getting a brand new case for my device.

Usually I'm getting more than one case but where it comes to Spigen cases here are my top picks.
  • Spigen Neo Hybrid
  • Spigen Tough Armor
  • Spigen Rugged Armor
  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid
  • Spigen Thin Fit
  • Spigen Liquid Crystal

LG G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

LG G6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
If you are looking for something that can help your new LG G6 be protected against something that we all hate. Scratches, impacts, bumps, and fingerprints we will try to help you with that and provide you with several very nice suggestions for new and quality Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. In my personal opinion, Screen protectors are very important , I don't always use my phone with a case but I always have a screen protector on.

We all know that replacing the screen of your new smartphone is not easy and might be very expansive so getting a good screen protector is always an important and a smart thing to do. On this blog post we will find the best screen protectors for the new LG G6.
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