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How do i save on battery life on Galaxy S4?

Smartphones consume a lot of power and if you are using a lot of different apps and features, the battery may not last throughout all day. The S4 is definitely more powerful than its predecessor and much more powerfull than most smartphones today. The new battery of tha galaxy S4 can handle a about third more in days that you are not using your phone for long periods at a time, and about twice as much if you are on the phone, all the time.

The problem starts when you are on your phone all day long. It may be because of your job, your relationship or any other reason, but the fact is that the battery won't suffice.

If your battery is still going to have a hard time keeping up with you, it my become annying, counterproductive and even usless.

There are things you can do to prevent battery drain and make it last much longer than it does now.
Here are some tips that you might find useful on how to maximize the battery life of your smartphone.

-You can adjust the brightness levels. Keep the brightness on 50% or less in order to save more battery life. Unless you need the screen to be really bright, you can manage with 50% brightness.

-Use the GS4 Power saving mode.
-Use Wi-Fi as you preferred connection.
-Turn off Smart features if you are not using them.

-You can use Airplane Mode when you don't need your phone for long periods of them. Doing so will cut all the signal radios and safe some power!

-Don't use live wallpapers. They spend a lot of juice.
-Disable Bluetooth when you are not using it.
-Remove All unused widget on your menu
-Fully close background application that are not in use.
-Disable the new Samsung Apps notifications
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