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Where can I buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 3?

The tab 3 is everything that you might expect in a brand new tablet by Samsung, but can it overtake the iPad? This is a question that every true tablet fan will struggle with.

The 8 inches module has a duel core proccessor with a speed of 1.5GHz, a Display Resolution of 1280 x 800 and runs an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. Overall it looks really good, smooth and innovative.

This is what I think of it: The Tab 3 looks just like an over sized Galaxy S3 device. That fact may give it a slight toy-ish feeling, but that is not necessary a bad thing. the device feels really good in your hand, it works fast without any noticeable delays or glitches and it is everything that you might expect of a new tablet these days.

This tablet gives a great alternative to the iPad series. In my opinion it worth the price and if you are looking for a great new tablet to replace your old one, this is surely a good choice for that kind of price.

The Tab 3 Performance

It can interact with your TV!
No huge surprise to everything that is related to the performance of this cool tablet. The processor may not be the strongest one out there but for the average user it is more than enough. It works good and it is fast enough to run all your apps without any trouble.

I played a couple of games, watched a movie on the tablet and overall enjoyed using it quite a bit.
If you are a lucky owner of the Samsung 2013 Smart TV, you can use the 8-inch Galaxy Tab 3 as a remote control. This is a neat feature.
You can also push content to the tablet from your TV and watch it in anther room.

So what this tablet can do?

If you are the average user, and looking for a great tablet this tablet is perfect for you. If you are a galaxy fan and you own other Samsung galaxy devices it is even better because it can be synced with them.

Get a great deal of e-books, play all the new games. As you probably know, the samsung apps marketplace offers huge a variety of applications. They got everything that you might want and they are all specially designed for use on Samsung smart device. This is the benefit that you get when you choose going with the galaxy devices.

You can be sure that you always can choose from an ever growing range of apps.

The first thing that I did with this Tablet was to try Asphalt 7. There is no lag and it works as well as I hoped it to.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Accessories

My Tab 3 case
Here comes the fun part. I always love looking and the device new accessories. Many good once tend to complete the tablet in some ways, protect it and even make it more personal.

If you want to keep the tablet functional for a long time, you might want to consider getting a case. The selection is pretty large so you always can choose one according to your own needs and your own style preferences.

Choosing a case, look for high quality and a known manufactured. I'll give you a tip on the case that I use, and cases that I saw in action

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