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Where can I get a waterproof galaxy S4 Case?

There are still some companies that are working on their waterproof cases so you currently still can't find waterproof cases from Otterbox , but here are the currently available waterproof cases for galaxy S4.
A good waterproof case can easily save your smartphone, especially if you are planning to get into water or if you are walking in a heavy rain and it is always an important accessory to have for your galaxy s4.
The Hooshion iPEGA Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S4, see the photo to the left.

is built to fir the S4 and currently seems to be the best waterproof case for this device. It allows you to use the device under rain, snow, and other damp environment.

You can find it in several different colors to match your style. Overall a really cute waterproof accessory for galaxy s4.

If you are not looking for a hard case, you can try a waterproof Pouch. Here are the best options for a waterproof pouch that fits the galaxy S4.

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