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Can I still Find A good Galaxy S3 Case?

The answer is yes! The galaxy S4 is out but there is still a huge and complete collection of great Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases around. By many, the S3 is still the most reliable smartphone around and if you got one, it deserves a good protective case.

On this post I will show you my favorite protective S3 White cases. They all are really good and provide and excellent protection and great for everyday use.

The case on the photo on the left is really one of my favorite cases. It is the Urban Armor Gear case and it is super protective and durable yet light and thin. I have this case for my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I couldn't be happier.

I'm not a particularity careful person and I can easily say that the phone fell on the floor, with the case, more than 10 times and it still alive and in use. It provides an amazing protection and I'm really happy with it.

It is made out of a hard armor shell and it is impact resistant with a soft core. The screen protector defends against scratches and you still get an easy access to touchscreen and all the ports. In my personal opinion, this is how a good case should look like, and this is the kinds of protection is should provide.

Anther great Galaxy S3 Case that I like is this Ballistic Case on the photo on the right. It has a really cute Black and white design and it will look good and fit both the black and the white Galaxy S3 devices.

This case has 3 layers that protect the device . The first layer is the Ballistic shock absorbent polymer. It will absorb shocks and reduce damage if your phone happens to fall. This is very important and a must for a quality smartphone case.

The second layer is a tough impact resistant poly carbonate shell. It provides a strong and solid protection against bruises and scratched in order to maintain the device in a better shape for a much longer period of time.

The third layer is a soft silicone equipped with reinforced Ballistic Corners. It acts as a lip and protects the screen much better than most cases.
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