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When will the nexus 7 FHD Androidified Cases be out?

You can already order these cases from amazon and they are available in 11 different colors for your Nexus 7 FHD. The nexus 7 FHD Androidified Cases are well made and quality protective cases with the Androidified logo on.

They are cute, well designed and perfect for both kids and adults. These cases are a great choice as your first Nexus 7 case and they got plenty of positive reviews to show for.

This case is the perfect fit for the New Nexus 7 FHD 2013. it is made out of a nice and durable TPU and it is really simple and easy to apply and remove the case of your tablet.

It provides you with an improved solid damage resistance and a wonderful innovative design everywhere you go. The screen left exposed in order to provide the user with full functionality and usability.

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