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Where Can I find A Sleeve With A Stand for 7 inch Tablets?

I just saw this sleeve today and I have to admit that I like the design. It looks wonderful and the stand looks pretty stable as well

The design of the sleeve itself is nice and it can hold any 7 inch tablet, Including the new Nexus 7 FHD, iPad mini, Kindle and many others.

The stand feature is really great and provides you with something that not many sleeves can. It works using a  simple tuck and roll that transforms your sleeve case into a stand.

This is just great because now you can prop up your device to maximize comfortable viewing angle and you don't even need a case for that, you can just use this wonderful looking and stylish sleeve. It simply provides you with the ultimate viewing or typing angle and you can place it on your desk and work or at home, or just put in on a flat surface like your bed if you want to watch movies comfortably.

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