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Kindle Paperwhite VS Kindle Paperwhite 3G. What should I get?

The kindle Paperwhite 3G will be great for you if you don't have Fast internet high-speed internet connection and wireless router already set up at your home or where you are about to use your new kindle. 

3G has a built in connectivity that lets you download books anytime you want from any place you like. It is really great for travailing and it is like having all the books you can imagine in a one small device that can be used anywhere you like. 

Both the Paperwhite and the Paperwhite 3G have similar specs. 6 inch screen, built in light and glare free screen, same sized and functionality.

The 3G is slightly heavier but that is understandable because of the Free 3G Internet. Both devices battery can last up tp 8 weeks without charging. This is really amazing in my opinion.

What will I get? I'm going to pre order the Kindle paperwhite because I do have a fast internet connection at my home and I do not plan to travel with my kindle but to be honest, the prices are really good on both devices so I may be getting the 3G for my wife in the future, or for one of my friends as a present.

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