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Neoprene Kindle Slim Sleeve For Kindle Paperwhite

These Sleeves looks really cute and they fits perfectly the new amazon kindle e-reader the paperwhite and the paperwhite 3G which are extact the same size and dimensions.

These sleeves are certified as Made for Kindle and recognized as a leading sleeve brand for the amazon kindle paperwhite eReader. It is a great accessory for the kindle and Kindle Touch.

These sleeves has a soft and fuzzy inner lining that is really great at protecting the new kindle. It is is lint-free and provides soft protection for the screen.

The original looking design and the hourglass shape provides an instant, and a built in bumper system for extra protection and maximized the use comfort of the kindle reader. 

The kindle fits snugly in this sleeve and will not move around or slide out while it is inside. when it is not in use the sleeve lays flat and doesn't take much space.

This is overall a wonderful accessory for people who has the new paperwhite kondle reader and may be a nice present for someone who has a reader and like kindle accessories.

The design is really young and eye catching and the quality is nice.

More Information and pre order of the new kindle Paperwhite

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