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You got your new iPad Air and you are looking for some great iPad air Cases? There are some new and great iPad air cases out there.

It is very important to to choose the right case for your tablet and the variety is really huge so you need to follow some basic rules and guidelines when you are choosing the right one for you.

You might want to consider picking out an iPad Air case that fits your lifestyle. Different iPad Air cases might provide different kinds of protection level and you need to consider and select the right protection level for you. 

If you are looking for a really good and solid protective case for the New iPad 5 Air Tablet, you can check out this  i-BLASON Apple iPad Air Case / iPad 5 Smart Cover.

                    Bluetooth Keyboard 

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I really like it because it looks great and provides the best possible protection level that you can  get for this price. This case fits perfectly the new iPad air and it is really easy to use and to setup.

It is always very important to look for a case that is comfortable to use. If you want to use your case at work, in the office or even at home, you can consider to get flip case that can also be used at a stand case. 

There are some really nice cases from that category that you can take into consideration but one case that I especially like is the Snugg iPad Air Case in Black Leather. It looks really nice as you can see in the photo and it also fits the iPad air amazingly because it was made especially for this model of iPad.

This case can be also a really neat Christmas or birthday gift for someone who owns an iPad. The case looks really stylish and it is defiantly one of the better protective Leather flip cases for the new iPad air that are available so far.

 iPad Car Headrest Mount Holder

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