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Maxboost Holster Kickstand Case For Nexus 5

There are not many kick stand cases for the New Nexus 5 out there right now, but that is understandable because it was just recently announced.

One Nexus 5 Kickstand that is available right now is the Max boost Holster Kickstand Case.  This case looks really solid and protective and it has proved to be a good case for many other devices so I trust that it will be a good case for Nexus 5 as well.

This is a protective cover case with an integrated kickstand that is specifically designed and engineered to fit Google LG Nexus 5 smartphone device.

It has rubberized soft touch finished that adds an extra layer of protection against slipping, dropping, wears, tears and scratches. This way your device will be well protected in most common accidents that a smartphone might endure.

The protective kickstand on this case is a great one and from what I have experienced on my galaxy S4 with this case it stands firmly and reliably.

The stand enables hands free watching experience for video and chatting from your Google Nexus 5.
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