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Samsung Galaxy S5: How many more iterations?

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is about to be released. Will it be the last model of the S series? The Galaxy S3 showed up in mid 2012 with a huge roar, then the S4 was released in 2013. The S5 will be released in 2014 in the next few months. 

Learning for these last few released and by the way that comparative brands work we could learn that there should be a new "S" Phone every year. Is that really so? For how much longer do you think Samsung will continue the Galaxy S series? There is one rumor going around that the S5 would be the last iteration of the S line. 

They were going to drop it and start a brand new series called "F" line. I would personally like to see something completely new in addition to the Note line which should continue for longer than their current S line
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