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Galaxy S5 Otterbox Cases Types?

Defender Series
Samsung Galaxy S5 has 3 different types of Otterbox cases. The Otterbox Symmetry, Otterbox Defender and the Otterbox Commuter.

All 3 provide an excellent protection level and a high quality standard.  The all are slightly different but if you are looking for a really solid, strong case which is made by a high profile firm, you can select each one of these 3.

The Otterbox Defender is shock-absorbing and impact-deflecting materials completely cover your device along with a built-in screen protector that guards against damage to your touch screen.
It is a Multi-layer case made to withstands drops, bumps, dust and shock.
It is also Rugged, protective case made for demanding conditions, heavy use and random accidents Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Otterbox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S5 Is slimmer and smaller than the defender, so many people prefer going for this case rather the the Defender, but of course beeing slimmer it is  bit less protective, altough, it is still considred to be a super protective case.

The most stylish OtterBox case yet that?s also highly protective and easy to install in its one-piece form Trending colors and fashionable wraparound graphics diversify your style while providing trusted OtterBox protection. Thin, attractive, pocket-friendly case that delivers trusted OtterBox protection and style.

Symmetry Series
So basically, In conclusion. If you are looking for a case which can provider you the top protection level possible, probably among all cases you should choose the Defender series, It is defiantly the most protective case out of these 3 and probably the most protective case that is available out there.

If you are looking for a good solid and strong protection for your smartphone but want to keep it less bulky and maybe a little bit more fshionable, you might want to consider the Commuter or the Symmety cases Instead,
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