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Review of the HTC One M8

It is strong, it looks good, it has a powerful battery and features that you may like. It is the new flagship device from HTC.

HTC had launched last week its new premium handset. It is calledl the M8 and it replaces the M7. Unlike Samsung it didn't make a big fuss about it and, unlike Apple is not releasing in pulse distribution times and creates long lines in stores. HTC just released a smartphone device, and a great one.

With your kind permission, I do not believe in benchmarks . Especially when it comes to HTC. Why? Mainly because they really felt like they had to change the outcome. That means that the device can recognize it test performance and harnesses all its horsepower for this purpose , such as a photo finish Shiite suicide . Thus, the device exceeds the competition LGG2 , Aksfrih Z2 Sony and the Samsung S5 . In practice , it actually achieves results as good . And stood behind competitors in tests to date. Assuming they are not deceived them.

Known comedian once said that if all athletes as it is taking stimulant drugs , then I let them do it without interruption and then sees who first. Anyway this machine flies . It is clear that nearly all the rest , in fact conceal running processes Dtna and ultimately , all a matter of compromise versus battery utilization and depreciation. Bottom line: you want it if you are looking for a quick monster . Is not the only one with this performance , and in any case , it's not you bought a device to mine Bitcoins .

Are provided in 6 , the addition of the HTC ONE Precision aneroid ( Ktktim 4.4 ) of Google, do it right . How ? It does not bother Android adds features work and affordable . Close , access and browsing applications - convenient , fast and full of luster.

Full gestures added in HTC no less great, and Samsung can teach a thing or two about it that starts with 'Why not have control with your eyes . " Gestures them " understand " the M8 are:

Approximation of the device to the ear to answer
Mute the ringtone making device
Round smartphone width as the screen is off, and pressing the volume to quickly get to the camera in the volume are used as a button unbuttoned photo
Double- tap the device to wake him ( " What time maneuvering " )
Situation along the opposite - sliding Hazva different directions will open the device (left : Panel widget , right " Blink Feed " ) , slide up will unlock the device , sliding down will activate voice dialing (only in English, does not work well as on Naxos , for example )

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