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Is it possible to charge a cellphone without electricity?

Yes, it is possible with different kinds of emergency charging devices. it is pretty cool too. I first noticed this cool gadget when I was planning a trip for a few days outdoors and was wondering what can I do in order to increase my safety. I knew that my smartphone battery wouldn't last long and it is OK, but I want to know that I still can call someone in an emergency case and that is when This thing can really be useful.

This device has is pretty small and compact and can easily be carried with you while you travel in your beg or backpack. It is very light and it is full with many important functions which are a must have for any survival kit.

You can use the radio, the flashlight and also you can use it in order to recharge Cell Phones, iPhones, iPads, IPods, MP3s/MP4s and more. This High quality and rubberized housing radio has waterproof housing so it is ideal for hiking, camping, stored in a car trunk, or any emergency kit
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