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Cheap samsung galaxy s5 cases?

Here is a fun fact, the price of a Galaxy S5 case is not always corresponding with the level of the protection that the case can provide to your Galaxy S5 device, on the post we have collected to best and the most cheap quality cases for this smartphone.

All these cases cost $5 or less so if you are looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases under $5, this is a good place to start your search.

The first case is the one on the right and it is really cute. It is a zebra design case. To be more specific it is the Zebra Stripe Hybrid Protective Case with Combo Defender Shockproof Function for Samsung Galaxy S5.

This case is actually really good and can provide a top protection for your Samsung Galaxy S5 so don't let the price fool you, it is one strong and solid case for less than $5

Here is anther case that I really like. I especially like how this case looks, it is fashionable and I would really love to see it on my smartphone. Its protection is not bad either and it can definitely save your phone from bruises and scratches if it falls.

It is not the leading case when it comes o heavy duty protection tasks but if your phone is not going to fall from high places and if it is not going to be run by a car, you might find the protection level of this case good enough.

The next case has a really fun and friendly design and it can be really great for girls. It is light an fashionable and it is definitely one of my favorite cheap cases for Samsung Galaxy S5.

If you are looking for a Polka Dot Rubber Color Case, you will find exactly what you want in this cute case. With this price, which is way under $5 it is something that can fit a lot of people.

The case on the photo is red but this case comes in a lot of different colors so you can find the style and color of what you are looking for.

I like the polka dots design, I find it really fun and overall a great case to use for a daily basis, especially with this price.
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