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LG G3 Cases?

If you are about the get the new LG G3 Smartphone you are probably have also some interest in the new cases and accessories or this device, here are all the new and leading cases which are going to be released or already out there for the LG G3.

The first case which you can see on the right is the Spigen Slim Armor case. If you have ever searched for a case for you smartphone you probably already familiar with the model.

This is a very popular case and it is definitely one of the best cases for the new LG G3.

This case will keep your LG G3 smartphone protected. Personally I also like the style of this case, it is not bulky and does not make you phone much bigger or thicker than it should be.

Here are some other LG G3 cases that I really like and think that they might be great for this new device.

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