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What is the Best LG G3 Wallet Case?

LG G3 Wallet Cases are very different from one anther and there is an ever growing selection of different cases to choose from. The prices of different cases can range between $2 and up to hundreds of dollars, that is quite a big range.

There are some wallet cases for the LG G3 which are very popular and recommended for most people. When choosing a wallet case for the new LG G3 you have to remember to know what  you are looking for.

If you are looking to keep you device slip and stylish, you might want to look for specific cases while if you want to provide the best possible protection for your LG G3, your case might need to be a little bit bulkier.

Here are the best LG G3 wallet Cases that currently can be found:

Verus LG G3 Wallet Case

E LV Deluxe Classic PU Leather Flip Wallet Case

SUPCASE LG G3 Case - Premium Wallet Leather Case

Here are more LG G3 cases that you might like:

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