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Otterbox Galaxy s6

Otterbox Galaxy s6 is one case that many people will be waiting for. The case is not out yet but we, as everyone else will be waiting in patience for it to be released as soon as possible. 
Galaxy S5 Otterbox Defender

What can we expect from this case? We can surly expect it to be as protective as ever and maybe even more. we want to see a stylish design, we would love to see a smooth thin look which will not be too bulky but we also want to protection level to remain the same as for the previous versions.

On Galaxy S5 this case was a great hit and surly it will be as good on the new Samsung Galaxy S6.

Some cases are already out, for example this cute Bumper case for Samsung Galaxy S6.

There are many other cases to check out and wait for as well as the Otterbox Galaxy s6 and we are waiting for them all to be released. One thing is for sure is that the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 an extremely exciting event and it is a great way to open 2015.

Personally, I'm waiting to see new interesting Tempered Glass Screen protectors  as well as other accessories for the new Smartphone by Samsung. 
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