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Where can I buy LG G4 Cases?

LG G4 is the brand new flagship device by LG and it is probably going to be one of the best smartphones to be released this year. Judging by his older version. the LG G3, it is going to be packed with many features and it is definitely going to be a strong, solid high performance smartphone.

Top 10 LG G4 Cases

1. Spigen LG G4 Case Rugged Armor
2. Spigen Neo Hybrid LG G4 Case
3. LG G4 Case - Ringke FUSION
4. LG G4 Leather Wallet Case
5LG G4 Caseology Shock Proof case
6. Luxca For LG G4 Case Heavy Duty
7. LG G4 Case, E-Time
8Spigen Slim Armor Air Cushioned Corners
9Ultra Slim Silicone Protective Case
10. Verus Extra Slim Hybrid Case

Bonus Case: LG G4 Hybrid Rugged Tuff Hard Protective Case

I added this Lg g4 Hybrid case as a bonus case because I have just ordered it a week ago and it arrived yesterday. I love the way it looks on my smartphone, it is really nice and the protection level it provides is high and strong. I can recommend this case from my own personal experience.

When you are selecting a case for your brand new LG G4 you must take into consideration a couple of major factors. If you are looking for a strong, solid and well protective case there are going to be several brands to choose from but if the case that you are going for is a more stylish case which is still solid and can provide a strong protection but might be a bit thinner
and lighter, you are probably looking for entirely different brands.

On this post we are going to follow the release of all the protective cases, including wallet cases, stand and other types of covers for the LG G4, hopefully, there is going to be a large selection of products to choose from and maybe we will even see some new brands on the market.

The first case on our list is the well known brand by Spigen. It is a wonderful case that can provide a top protection from drops, bruises. I have used this case on multiple devices and I can highly recommend it for any smartphone including the LG G4.

The second case on the list above is anther great case for the new LG G4. It is a New Hybrid Spigen case. its design is flawless. If you are looking for a case that looks very stylish yet can provide a good and solid protection for your smartphone, you can't go wrong there.

If you are looking for a truly protective and good looking case that worth the amount of money you spend, take a look at this Ringke FUSION LG G4 case. This is the third case on our list and it is definitely one of my personal favorites. It is strong, good looking and very easy to use and to setup. The design is amazing and recommended by many people for many different smartphone versions.

if you are looking for a quality wallet case, you should take a look at number four at the above list. This wallet case can contain multiple cards, cash, notes and basically everything that a normal wallet can contain. In addition you can place your smartphone inside and save a lot of space in your pockets. For people who like wallet cases this is a great choice.
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