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Silly and Useful Smartphone Accessories

Gum Stand Holder
Gum Stand Holder
All of us are using different accessories for our smartphones. It is no matter what device you are using, it might be an iPhone, a Samsung device or any other kind of smartphone, chances are pretty good that you are using some sort of an accessory for your device.

On this post we are going to look and find the funniest, goofiest and silliest stuff that you can use with your phone.

The first thing that I want to show you is this Silicon gum stand. It looks just like a gum that is stuck on your phone but it is used as an awesome stand for your mobile. This stand is a very useful gadget to have in your home or at your office because when you place your mobile phone inside this stand you are able to get a great view at what is happening on the screen without using your hands to do so. This might be very handy at work while you are on your computer or at home while you are busy doing other things but still want to look on the screen of your phone every once in a while without picking it up.

The accessories on this page are great for personal use and they are also very nice gift ideas for friends and family members. Everyone can find a use for them and some of these stuff are very useful and creative gifts.

Fred and Friends Banana Phone StandMore funny and creative stands for your smartphone

Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

The next gadget is so cool that I already ordered one and it is on the way to me right now. This is a paper plane that can be controlled by your smartphone with a special app

This is the world's first remote controlled paper airplane. The conversion kit has a great 180 feet meter range and a crash-resistant design that will keep this gadget safe for a longer time.

It contains smart Bluetooth technology that can be controlled by your smartphone. Be sure to check the compatible devices before you order this.

This also Features battery level indicator charging status indicator and range indicators and an Air Traffic Control attribute. Overall this is a very cool gift idea and can be a very fun prank next school year.
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