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Google Nexus Pixel C Cases

There are many great accessories and protective cases for the new Google Nexus Pixel C, On this post you will find our top picks for the best Google Nexus Pixel C Cases.

The new Google Nexus Pixel C is a wonderful and innovative tablet and predictions say that it is going to rule the tablet world for the next couple of years. The prices of this device are starting from $500 for 32 GB storage and going up if you are looking for more storage memory.

These are the Top Cases for Google Nexus Pixel C

1. KuGi Google Nexus Pixel C case
2Pixel C Tablet Case Sleeve, ProCase
3. Google Nexus Pixel C keyboard case, KuGi

Similar to the Chromebook by google, you will notice that the Pixel C has a lightbar on the top of the device aluminium backside. Double tapping the surrounding aluminum makes lightbar briefly turn into a battery-level indicator. I find this feature pretty cool.

Google Nexus Pixel C Case

This is still a new tablet and not all manufacturers have released their goods but we expect to see a very large selection of Pixel C Cases in the near future. The Pixel C is striving to be the best tablet in its category and many people believe it is going to get there.

The prices for this tablet, as mentioned above, are not low so protecting this tablet is even more important. You don't want to invest so much money on  the Pixel C without making sure that it is going to be protected at all times.

Google Nexus Pixel C keyboard case, KuGi

It is also very convenient having a case which can be used as a stand for the moments when you want to watch a movie or just read a book on your tablet. So this is very nice that there are many great stand cases for the Pixel C.
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