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LG G5 Cases

Many people are eager to see what new cases the new LG G5 Smartphone is going to present us with and I'm definitely one of these people. Protective cases are very important to any new device and the new LG G5 is no different. It is a leading flagship smartphone and if you want to give it a proper protection level you might want to use a good protective case.

The LG 4 is great and we are expecting to see even better performance and features from his younger brother the LG G5. The performance of the phone will be better. The processor integrated in LG G5 is already very hi-tech, therefore increasing the RAM from 2 to 3GB is probably what is going to happen.

New LG G5 Cases

I was looking for new and original looking cases for the LG G5 and was very happy to find out that there are several new designs which are already available for this smartphone.  For me it is the first time that I encounter these specific cases so if you are looking for an original case which not many people are going to have, you can take a look at the following options.

LG G5 Case, Spigen Thin Fit

LG G5 Case, Spigen Thin Fit

Amazon.com: VRSUS Design Transparent LG G5 Case

VRS Design Transparent LG G5 Case
VRSUS Design Transparent LG G5 Case

Best LG G5 Cases

1. LG G5 Case Spigen Rugged Armor
2. REDShield Anti-shock Crystal Silicone Protective TPU Gel Skin Case 
3. LG G5 Black Wallet Leather Case
4. KuGi LG G5 case
5. Ringke Fusion Crystal Clear PC Back TPU Bumper

We expect to see all the major cases manufacturers come up with all the leading brands of covers and cases for this smartphone because the LG G5 is probably going to be one of the most popular smartphones for 2016 with a lot of new users.

LG G5 Wallet Cases

There are a lot of great cases out there. A lot of types and many different shapes. One of my favorite types of protective cases is the wallet case. Wallet cases have became very popular over the years and this is not in vain. In the past wallet cases were much bulkier than today and they added a lot of weight to the device which used it. Today this is no longer the case.

If you are about to get a wallet case for your new LG G5 you might be surprised to know that wallet cases today can be almost as thin as the leading regular cases and even as protective as them. Besides protection and thin design, wallet cases can add a great style and several different added values that naturally comes along side with getting a wallet case.

My favorite cases for LG G5

I'm a huge fan of accessories for smartphones and over the years I owned countless amount of different cases and other types of accessories for different smartphones. I really like wallet cases because they provide an added value in form of slots for credit cards. I also like stand cases for a similar reason. They too provide a great added value - the stands.

There are many types of accessories that I like and I use them all frequently. What are your favorite accessories?
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