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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases

There is a story that tells about seven great families of cases that rules the cases world and dominates the markets which huge popularity for every new released device. It is no different for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. They are all strong, durable, great looking and fashionable. Which case are you going to support? which one is going to be your true one king?

Ringke Galaxy Note 7 Case
Ringke Galaxy Note 7 Case
Here are our 7 chosen once:

1. Spigen Neo Hybrid
2. Otterbox Symmetry
3Otterbox Commuter
4. Diztronic Cases
5. UAG Cases - NEW
6. Ringke Fusion
7. Versus Cases

It is always important to get a good case for your smartphone and with the new and amazing Note 7 it is even more important than before. This device is definitely not cheap and replacing it is not an option for many of its users because of the high price that comes along. This is why so many people are find it very important to provide a solid and trustworthy protection for this new smartphone.

The cases above are always there to give you just that. They are all different but have something in common. Through out all the major smartphone releases in the past years they always been the most popular cases by far. This time will be no different.

There are other cases that can make that list and they also worth a mention, but there are without any doubt are among the most popular protective cases brands out there today.

As you can see, not all the cases are out yet and we are still waiting for some major cases to be released. One of the more popular cases which is not out yet is the Otterbox series. I'm waiting for the Symmetry and the Commuter cases come out in order to give these cases a try on the new Note 7. Be sure to come back and read my comments as soon as I'll get these cases.

For now we have some great cases that are already out. One of my favorite cases which is already featured on the image above it the Ringke fusion case. This case is great for most users. It is thin, have a great grip and a fair price. As soon as I'll get my device I'll give it a try.

As many other people I have used Ringke fusion cases before on other devices and was very happy with its quality. Cant wait to give it a go on my Note 7.
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