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Best screen protectors from LG V30

When getting a flagship smartphone, one which is as good as and as expensive as the LG V30 you have to be thinking for its protection. This is where screen protectors come to the picture. Personally I'm all for cases but when it comes to the protection of your devices screen you just got to put a screen protector on.

There are several different types of screen protectors and the price range can go from as low as $1 to $50 and sometimes even more. Personally I like tempered glass screen protectors but there are some great screen protectors which are not glass.

When choosing a screen protector you need to remember that one of the most important things of the screen protector itself is probably its installation process, so if you want to install in right on the first time you better look for a good video that explains the best way to to it.

On this post we will show you the best screen protectors for the awesome LG V30 and review what is so great about them.
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